Robert Beatty: Tame Impala

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Otherworldly album artwork from designer Robert Beatty

If they’re lucky, Robert Beatty’s succulent, airbrush-like artworks can sometimes grace the covers of bands’ albums, thus making them cool, successful and lucky in love and good fortune forever. Robert’s magic touch is a unique style lifted from way back when life on earth was cooler, and from some cauldron of fluid in his brain from which he draws impressive draughtsmanship and weird ideas. Robert’s in psych band Hair Police himself, and goes by the name of Three Legged Race when performing solo. He said once in an interview on Pitchfork that he creates artwork in the same way he makes music, by letting his body and his brain begin to create something and see where it takes him.

With that kind of method you can imagine that some of his pieces may be over or underdone, but that’s what makes him such a marvel: they’re perfect. That Tame Impala cover is one of the most well-considered and tight-fitting examples of album artwork I’ve seen in a long time. Robert’s got a great image reference blog called Toilet Paper Cosmos which is a must-see if you’re into this kind of artwork, or genuinely quite weird shit.


Robert Beatty: The Phantom Band


Robert Beatty: Lord Raja


Robert Beatty: Lord Raja


Robert Beatty: Lord Raja


Robert Beatty: Lord Raja


Robert Beatty: Twig Harper


Robert Beatty: Three Legged Race


Robert Beatty: Tame Impala


Robert Beatty: Damaged Bug


Robert Beatty: Lucky Peach magazine


Robert Beatty: Travis Bretzer


Robert Beatty: Tame Impala