Robert Josiah Bingaman: The Concavity

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Meet Robert Josiah Bingaman and his magnificent technicolor paintings

Backed by sombre, haunting skies, these incredible paintings are part of an ongoing series called The Race by artist Robert Josiah Bingaman. Robert paints a surreal world where nature is juxtaposed against human built objects, both dappled with bright, rich colours. The body of work is accompanied by a quote form W.G. Sebald’s The Rings of Saturn: “It is difficult to imagine the depths of despair into which those can be driven who, even after the end of the working day, are engrossed in their intricate designs and who are pursued, into their dreams, by the feeling they’ve got hold of the wrong thread.”

Maybe Robert is trying to find something amongst every-day environments like Sebald’s novel based around his trip to Suffolk. What we do know is that these paintings have brought beauty to the ordinary, even to the tennis court.


Robert Josiah Bingaman: Every Wichita Dusk


Robert Josiah Bingaman: That Long in Darkness Pined


Robert Josiah Bingaman: Death’s Surrounding Night


Robert Josiah Bingaman: The Concavity


Robert Josiah Bingaman: Trex Southwest