Robert Longo: Untitled (Eddie)


Robert Longo: Untitled (Adam)


Robert Longo: Untitled (Starbuck)


Robert Longo: Untitled (Ulysses)


Robert Longo: Untitled (Igor)


Robert Longo: Untitled (Iceman)

Work / Art

Robert Longo: Yingxiong

These pictures of fighter pilot helmets are already impressive before you learn that a) They’re done in charcoal and graphite and b)They’re huge – with a couple measuring 80 inches by 70 inches. New York-based artist Robert Longo uses charcoal with extraordinary flair and panache, pushing the medium way beyond what us mere mortals would consider possible, and refusing to be restricted by the difficulties this tricky way of working undoubtedly entails. HIs 2009 project Yingxiong (Heroes) is the really stand-out piece in his portfolio, but there’s plenty more work to bend your mind round on his website.