Ron Mueck: Woman with sticks, 2008

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Ron Mueck’s pint-sized, hyperrealist sculptures are showing at Hauser & Wirth

There are times when art makes you feel unsettled, confused or just plain weird. Don’t be afraid though, it’s probably what you’re supposed to feel – so just embrace it man!

This is certainly true for the work of sculptor Ron Mueck, whose solo exhibition at Hauser & Wirth opens today. Known for his surreal, hyperrealist technique, the works in this show demonstrates his skill of placement and scale. With scaled-down figures that still contain an incredible amount of realistic detail, it really is the size of these sculptures that feels most unnerving. But it’s Mueck’s ability to contrast contemporary subjects with traditional themes of art history that keeps you gazing at them for longer than you’d probably want to.


Ron Mueck: Drift, 2009


Ron Mueck: Still Life, 2009


Ron Mueck: Youth, 2009