Ronnie Wood: _ Wakin’ Up In The Wick_ (1974)


Ronnie Wood: _ Ronnie and Slash Unique Drawing_ (2010)


Ronnie Wood: _ Drink the Fish_ (1974)


Ronnie Wood: Charlie Drums


Ronnie Wood: Jimi Hendrix

Work / Art

Ronnie Wood: Faces, Time and Places

Only one of the following Rolling Stones facts is actually true. 1. Mick Jagger was world Boggle champion. 2. Keith Richards is the voice of Moe on The Simpsons. 3. Ronnie Wood is a really, really talented artist. That’s right – it’s number three, and 100 of Ronnie’s works are about to go on show in London, proving that the man is much more than a stupidly-great musician.

Put on by pop culture purveyors Symbolic, the show is a fascinating look at some of the biggest starts of the last half century, with sketches of Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page and Jimi Hendrix – and of course his fellow Stones – all of whom the artist knew personally. There’s also an album cover he designed for 2005’s Essential Crossexion record, set lists and other work to guide us through his extraordinary career on stage.

The show opens on Monday at 28 Cork Street, and runs for a week.