Roos Gomperts: Plaster vase by Studio Jeroen Wand

Work / Illustration

Roos Gomperts translates Dutch designs into beautifully simple illustrations

You might remember Roos Gomperts for her colourful Ceramics for Plastics project that paired day-glow plastic bric-a-brac with earthy ceramics. That series saw her dress up the dull functionalism of buckets, screw tops and disposable cups and show a real flair for colour and composition.

Most recently, Roos has taken eight designs from the Amsterdam design collective Dutch Invertuals, of which she is part, and created a strikingly simple series of illustrations using mono-printing and paper cut-outs that were shown at Salone Del Mobile in Milan earlier this year. Amongst her black and white illustrations, which feature Roos’ own designs, are tea towels from Raw Color, plaster vases from Studio Jeroen Wand and trusses from Studio Mieke Meijer. Roos has managed to distil the essence of these different designs by labouring to capture their textures and surfaces in a very graphic way, and the results have created illustrations that manage to be abstract and figurative in one fell swoop.


Roos Gomperts: Keystone by Os & Oos


Roos Gomperts: Primal by Jolan van der Wiel and Roots by Edhv


Roos Gomperts: Merging skins by Studio Brit van Nerven and Flat light by Daphna Laurens


Roos Gomperts: Foam & Glass vase by Studio Roos Gomperts


Roos Gomperts: Flat light by Daphna Laurens, Keystone by Os & Oos and Trusses by Studio Mieke Meijer


Roos Gomperts: Index Collection tea towels by Raw Color


Roos Gomperts: Trusses by Studio Mieke Meijer and Flat Light by Daphna Laurens