Rosario Florio: House part flyer with with Andrea Rüeger

Work / Graphic Design

If you’re into unadulterated monochrome, look no further than Rosario Florio

You know when you can’t see any ants on the floor but then you squint at one ant and then suddenly, out the corner of your eye, you can see all the other ants? Well, coming across Rosario Florio’s work online is kind of like that. In blogs saturated with lurid graphic design that’s all clamouring to be seen, it’s only the really, truly great monochrome that shines through. Not just that, but start looking for it, and you’ll see that Rosario is responsible for about 90% of the graphic design you see on the internet. Okay, that’s a little bit of an overstatement, but you get the idea: there’s loads of it.

Based in Switzerland, and working closely with an equally talented lady named Larissa Kasper, Rosario Florio produces well-crafted, classic pieces of design which, if not bursting with fantastic content, are pointing you in the direction of some of the coolest parties in Switzerland, nay the world.


Rosario Florio:


Rosario Florio: Echo of the Moon with Larissa Kasper


Rosario Florio: Echo of the Moon with Larissa Kasper


Rosario Florio: Echo of the Moon with Larissa Kasper


Rosario Florio:


Rosario Florio: Invitation with Larissa Kasper


Rosario Florio: Abbruchhaus with Larissa Kasper