Editor's Picks: Liv Siddall picks out gems from the "miscellaneous" category

19 December 2014

The miscellaneous category is rarely added to, but when it is it’s usually with someone or something pretty spesh. I like to think of it a little bit like that drawer or cupboard in your house where you stash the really useful crap that is too good to throw away. In this list I’ve compiled a few of my favourites from 2014, from bread-simulation games to round-the-clock breakfast radio. If you’re still hungry for more miscellany, just head over here.

This is design, right? Just because it’s not photographed on a grey background surrounded by meticulously arranged business cards doesn’t mean it’s not fully legit and somewhat genius. While were hanging about doing not much in 2014, this guy has been spending his time designing and building a 3D-printed machine that folds and spits out paper aeroplanes. Embarrassed? You should be.

“The beautiful story of one slice of bread’s epic and emotional journey as it embarks upon a quest to become toasted” reads the tagline beneath one of my favourite videos of the year. From the guys that brought you Surgeon Simulator comes I am Bread, the game that lets you see what it is like to be a floppy piece of bread wreaking havoc in a kitchen. Like this teaser? Head on over here to play the game itself.


Boiler Room knows what you did last night

Yes they certainly do. I can imagine it must be hard to keep reminding yourself that you are being constantly filmed while sweating profusely and going cross-eyed by the DJ at Boiler Room, but please everyone – try and hold it together. This spectacular blog collects brilliant, tiny clips of people falling out of their trees in some shape or form, and then puts it on the internet for all to see. Hours of entertainment. Remind me never to go to Boiler Room.

Breakfast radio is the BEST! Everyone’s all pumped and the DJ knows that his only job is to bring incomparable cheer to the beginning of everyone’s day. With that in mind, Seb Emina and Daniel Jones put together a cool site that streams breakfast radio shows from all over the world as and when they happen. Nicely designed and truly catering for an audience who didn’t even know they wanted this yet, this is fantastic.


Martin Braun: Cloud Paint

Anyone who spent many a year on KidPix or Microsoft Word will love this little site. Cloudpaint allows you to create beautiful monochromatic images on an old-school Paint game and then submit them to a gallery. Normally an online gallery like this would be full of naughty drawings of willies and poops, but this one is just full of people who have genuinely spent a lot of time crafting beautiful images.


NYC Crying Guide

Another website here that’s purely fulfilling a small and important purpose: this one is a guide to the best places to go and have a good cry in New York. Anyone who’s been to the Big Apple knows that you feel like you’re in a film pretty much every time you walk out of the door, so to cry by a fountain, an old BrownStone, or in a diner or old movie theatre just seems like the right thing to do. This well-written site gives a blow-by-blow guide as to how to do this as best you can in the most tear-jerking places in the city.

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