My 2014: Features Editor Liv Siddall looks back on a weird and funny year

19 December 2014

Hello. My name’s Liv, and this year my best three moments have been hosting the Modern Magazine Conference, interviewing my sister for Riposte magazine, and flashing Robert Plant at the Camden Roundhouse. Merry Christmas!

What has the internet taught you this year?

That the stuff I’m really into which I thought was really weird, isn’t actually that weird.

What’s been your favourite interview/piece of writing of the year?

This interview with David Hockney, Tim Presley from White Fence’s five tips to writing the perfect song, the Sabotage Times’ scariest story you’ll ever read, Graham Nash talking about photographing Joni Mitchell, and this article from the Huffington Post about having a mid-20s crisis. OH! And this piece by Caity Weaver about her 14-hour stint at TGI Fridays.

Which website do you think has really stepped up their game this year?

I love the site, also the NOWNESS redesign is pretty spectacular. Hoverstates too is a total joy to visit, and seems to always change here and there.

Which song/album would be the soundtrack to your year?

A song my friend Rupe told me about, called Sitting Here Watching by Mike Cooper. Best album would be Cyclops Reap by White Fence or On the Beach by Neil Young.

Which app could you have not lived without this year?

The Spotify App! You can make playlists for your friends, stalk people’s libraries, discover amazing new stuff and listen to incredible music on train journeys while mournfully looking out the window. What more could you ask for?

What’s been your favourite publication this year?

A book called Michael Jackson published by Studio Voltaire and Koenig books, which contains insane drawings of Michael Jackson by a teenage Dawn Mellor.

What’s the best exhibition you’ve visited?

Martin Creed at the Southbank Centre! There were fart noises, pianos, self-working cars, stacks of cardboard boxes, prints made of broccoli, and a room full of balloons that I had the pleasure of going in alone. What a guy.

One valuable lesson you have learnt in 2014?

If you have a small stain on your tooth, don’t go to the dentist, just scrape it off with a small knife.

Do you have any new year’s resolutions?

Learn guitar! Wayyyy

Give us a recipe for an incredible Christmas lunch SIDE dish

Parsnips with black pepper and parmesan:

Par-boil chopped-up parsnips. Lay out on tea-towel and pat dry. Then roll them around in a bowl of flour, grated parmesan and black pepper and shove them in the oven.

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