My 2014: It's Nice That Director Will Hudson's year so far

19 December 2014

It’s Nice That founder and director Will Hudson’s appearances on the site are few and far between these days, but we managed to sit him down long enough to give us a flavour of how the past 12 months has been for him. He’s a man of big arms, few words and strong opinions and as our lodestar he guides us through whatever the art and design world throws at us. Here’s his reflections on 2014…

What has the internet taught you this year?

The realisation that if you continue to read you’re going to be alright and with the help of Pocket I am completely overwhelmed with a breadth of high quality writing throughout the week. That and a great pulled pork recipe.

What’s been your favourite interview/piece of writing of the year?

The new Vice channel Munchies. Focused on food their video content is so consistently good, in particular the series Chef’s Night Out and Fuck, That’s Delicious (I didn’t initially expect to warm to Action Bronson as much as I have). Vice are successfully challenging the length of time people are prepared to watch online content and smashing it out the park.

I’ve also really enjoyed ShowStudio’s video content – the interviews with Terry Jones and Penny Martin in particular as well as the series Subjective where models discuss famous images they were part of and the stories behind them.

Which website do you think has really stepped up their game this year?

Tough question, the sea change that is the internet means I’ve discovered some sites and I don’t know if they have changed that much. One recent favourite though is Karl Toomey’s Tumblr – Karl works with us as an art director but is also a part time comedy genius.

Which song/album would be the soundtrack to your year?

As I was answering this Spotify sent an email with My top 100 Songs of 2014, that works as a strangely factual soundtrack — everything from SBTRKT to Jungle with a bit of Sting thrown in for good measure!

Which app could you have not lived without this year?

The obvious ones – Mail, Safari, Twitter, Instagram and Clock.

What’s been your favourite publication this year?

The most consistent, and therefore a good contender for favourite without realising it has been the Saturday copy of The Times newspaper. Its size, depth, breadth, cost and lifespan (it’s in the recycling by the following Monday) means I know exactly where I stand with it. I’m still guilty of buying too many magazines I look at as design objects and don’t fully engage with. From our own four walls this year’s annual was my favourite project of the year – StudioMakgill really pushed it and I couldn’t be happier with what we created.

What’s the best exhibition you’ve visited?

Weirdly I stumbled across a small Sir Peter Blake exhibition in a gallery in Salcombe while on a family holiday. He is somebody whose work I probably take for granted but could look at for hours.

One valuable lesson you have learnt in 2014?

Natural light should never be under estimated! We moved studio in April of this year and the renewed focus and way it has facilitated great work is worth its weight in gold. It might have taken a little longer to find but it was well worth it.

Do you have any new year’s resolutions?

Do less online Q&As and meet more people in real life.

Give us a recipe for an incredible Christmas lunch SIDE dish

Does red wine count? If not I would go for the sprouts, chestnut and bacon combo although I could as easily argue lyonnaise potatoes (it’s Christmas, you can have a roast potato whenever you want!). Also, don’t underestimate the power of a good gravy.

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Will Hudson

Will founded It’s Nice That in 2007 and is now director of the company. Once one of the main contributors to the site, he has stepped back from writing as the business has expanded to become The HudsonBec Group.

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