Ryan McGinness: Only a Thief Thinks Everybody Steals

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Art: Artist Ryan McGinness allows viewers a valuable glimpse into his creative process

Ryan McGinness is a New York-based artist who creates enormous, intricate, kaleidoscopic images and similarly detailed three-dimensional sculptures from hundreds of individual elements, largely inspired by graphic artwork, public signage and contemporary iconography.

If you’re finding this conglomeration of ideas a lot to take in, you’re not the first; the vibrant colours coupled with strong graphic shapes possess a very deliberate kind of beauty which can, at first glance, seem to masquerade as clutter. It seems that Ryan is fully aware of the complexity of the work he creates, so in a bid to make it a little easier to understand he has put together a very simply navigated website which allows viewers to see the finished images alongside work-in-progress sketches of the elements which go into it. It’s not often that such an established creative allows viewers far and wide such an insight into their creative process, and with Ryan’s work as incredibly detailed as it is, this is one artist’s website which is definitely worth a look.


Ryan McGinness: The Lazy Logic of Ignavio Ratio


Ryan McGinness: Master of Reality


Ryan McGinness: No Bees, No Honey: No Work, No Money (and detail)


Ryan McGinness: Untitled


Ryan McGinness: Elements


Ryan McGinness: Elements


Ryan McGinness: Elements