Ryan Todd: Guitarists (detail)

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Illustrator Ryan Todd’s new show opening this week promises plenty of brilliance

Cool London exhibitions are like buses – someone will often be eating fried chicken a few feet away from you. No, wait, they’re like buses because you wait for one and then several come along at once, as proved this week when east London witnesses the unveiling of more great shows than you can shake a tepid bottle of beer at. One of the most anticipated must be Ryan Todd’s new exhibition at Kemistry Gallery, which boasts maybe the best title of 2013 thus far – No Fun Intended.

Of course Ryan is being a scamp and his work is as bold, bright and witty as ever – reflecting a creative at the very top of his game. He also whetted our collective whistle with the charming teaser trailer below – see you there yeah?

No Fun Intended runs June 6 until June 29.


Ryan Todd: Seating


Ryan Todd: On The Shoulders


Ryan Todd: High Art


Ryan Todd: Mind Gap


Ryan Todd: Panic Button


Ryan Todd: Guitarists