Sam Coldy: RBMA (detail)

Work / Illustration

Illustration: Sam Coldy’s back with spectacularly colourful work

We first wrote about Sam Coldy back in the summer of 2012, when he designed a range of lenticular images cleverly incorporating type design to make some of the snazziest posters we’d ever seen. It’s safe to say that he’s been busy since then, churning out new work left right and centre. Sam’s proven himself to be a flexible chap, happily straddling the categories of illustration, art and design with a colourful aesthetic that you could spot from a mile off. His delightful knack for creating vibrant, retro images with the scantest of shapes has landed him plenty of gigs creating album covers and artwork for musicians, with fantastic results; check out his backgrounds for all-girl soul band Juce below.


Sam Coldy: New Blog


Sam Coldy: Juce Illustration


Sam Coldy: Illustration


Sam Coldy: Print


Sam Coldy: RBMA


Sam Coldy: Secret 7"


Sam Coldy: TCTS