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Sam Pilling directs video for DJ Shadow track Nobody Speaks

DJ Shadow has just released the video to Nobody Speaks. Featuring Run The Jewels, the track comes from DJ Shadow’s album The Mountain Will Fall, released this June on Mass Appeal Records. The video was shot by Sam Pilling, whose previous work includes music videos for J Cole’s She Knows, SBTRKT’s Wildfire and The Weeknd’s Pretty, and was produced by Pulse Films and Radioaktive Film. 

The action centres on a group of UN-style world leaders in a round table meeting. As tension between delegates escalates, a full-on punch up breaks out and the Dr. Strangelove-inspired war room becomes a sparring ring. It’s a farce, but one that sits uncomfortably close to this year’s political reality. With the American election just months away, we started thinking: who would win in a fight between Trump and Clinton? 


DJ Shadow Nobody Speak feat. Run The Jewels


DJ Shadow Nobody Speak feat. Run The Jewels