Some of the pictures submitted already

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Samsung on the hunt for 200 David Baileys to put new camera through its paces

As marketing hooks go it’s a humdinger – Samsung are so convinced that their new NX1000 camera can turn anyone into a world-class photographer that they’ve launched an unusual hunt to prove it. Their team is on the look out for 200 namesakes of iconic photo legend David Bailey from across the UK to take part in a host of photography projects and the results will then be displayed on the brand’s Facebook page.

All the David Baileys signed up to get a free Samsung camera and a bit of payback for years of having to follow up their names with the phrase “Not that one.”

If your name is David Bailey you can apply via the Facebook page.


Some of the pictures submitted already


The new Samsung NX1000


The hunt for David Baileys is now on


The new Samsung NX1000

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