David Bailey: This Way Up

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Samsung gave shiny new cameras to a host of David Baileys – here’s the results

A bad workman blames his tools, or so the saying goes, but if you flip that round can great tools maketh the man? That’s the premise behind Samsung’s new campaign for the NX1000 camera which they have given a group of ordinary men called David Bailey in a bid to prove its skills. And with the first entries now on show on the campaign’s Facebook page, it’s time to see whether this collection of amateur photographers ranging from civil servants to teachers, hypnotherapists to something called a “stress engineer” can live up to their famous namesake.

Plus between now and December Samsung are offering even those not blessed with the magic name a chance to win one of the cameras. You can register online and every week they will pick two people at random to phone – if you answer in character as someone called David Bailey (i.e. David Bailey speaking) then you win one. Simple!


David Bailey: Red Eyed Bear


David Bailey: Colourful Beach Shop


David Bailey: Wakey Wakey


David Bailey: Apocalypse Sunset


David Bailey: Bedouin Campfire


David Bailey: ings Cross Station


David Bailey: My Lamborghini

This article was produced in association with Samsung.