Two Boxes, ©1978 Sandy Skoglund (detail)

Work / Art

Sandy Skoglund’s very contemporary 1970s foodie still life photography

As well as being the first woman to fill entire rooms with smartie-covered mannequins and to re-floor rooms with eggshells and live snakes, artist Sandy Skoglund can also boast being the catalyst for a current mega-trend in art and design.

We’re all aware by now that artistic fads on the internet last for about three weeks then are casually tossed aside like an old Geocities account, but some stick around for longer. The prevalence of still-life photography kicking about the internet is extraordinary, and it’s often brilliant. Look at a lot of it and you learn to separate the genii from the people who have whacked a patterned object on a vintage rug.

Sandy Skoglund’s fine art photography in the late 1970s – before internet, digital cameras and blogs – wouldn’t look out of place on any contemporary still-life photography blog now, 34 years later. Three cheers for Sandy for being one hell of a trend-prophet and a revolutionary photographer.


Luncheon Meat on a Counter, ©1978 Sandy Skoglund


Cookies on a Plate, ©1978 Sandy Skoglund


Peas on a Plate, © 1978 Sandy Skoglund


Nine Slices of Marble Cake, ©1978 Sandy Skoglund


Yellow Box, ©1978 Sandy Skoglund


Two Plates of Corn, ©1978 Sandy Skoglund