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Weird and wonderful gifs from the mind of Sasha Katz

While studying at art school, Sasha Katz fell in love with the moving image. Moscow-based Sasha describes her work as “a variety of pixel art” and has a portfolio of perplexing and beguiling work. “For me, the gif is an ideal format,” says Sasha. “It’s concise and infinite at the same time. I cannot go back to static images anymore.”

Whether it’s pixelated hands dipping into a pool of water, drowning mobile handsets or a pair of pants stuffed with roses, Sasha’s work, mostly executed with a fleshy tone of pink, is both bizarre and strangely familiar. Sasha has recently completed commercial work for Dunkin’ Donuts and teaches at the British Higher School of Art and Design in Moscow. “I find inspiration everywhere: from Peter Greenaway movies, Henri Rousseau, Sega Genesis and Tumblr to pizza,” says the artist. “Ideas come instantly and I immediately write them down or ask Siri to make a note. Then I try to decipher what it all meant.”


Sasha Katz: Handjob


Sasha Katz: Handjob


Sasha Katz


Sasha Katz


Sasha Katz: Dunkin’ Donuts


Sasha Katz: Happy Birthday


Sasha Katz