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Product Design: Design accessories and work with Mango and SEAT

The stars have aligned and two design worlds have brought their skills together to create something powerful! Big ol’ fashion house MANGO have had a helping hand in designing the new SEAT Mii and, rather than just releasing it to to the baying public, have asked a bunch of famous fashion bloggers to review it. Cool huh? Also, to mark this collaboration, SEAT and MANGO are inviting “global artists, illustrators, fashion designers and creators to use the template provided to submit accessory designs” as part of their fashion and design challenge.

So do you reckon you could make designs for a make-up bag and a shoe bag that could help you win big? May as well give it a go. If you win your designs will actually go into production and you’ll get a free car! There will be five additional designers that will be awarded a MANGO wardrobe, valued at €500. What are you waiting for? Get doodling. The template can be found over here on their site.


Design for SEAT and MANGO


Design for SEAT and MANGO


Design for SEAT and MANGO