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Sebastian Curi creates messy, “imperfect” characters everyone can empathise with

Argentinian illustrator and animator Sebastian Curi grew up and studied in Buenos Aires, and has worked almost his entire professional life in animation studios such as Plenty, Le Cube and Buck, where he is now, based in LA. Well versed in commercial commissioned pieces – having collaborated with the likes of IBM, Nickelodeon, MTV, Facebook, National Geographic and HBO – he recently looked to develop his personal character design and illustration work.

“I like to work with big shapes, simple compositions and bold colours,” says Sebastian. “I always try to make characters with a funny look that aren’t perfect, that anybody can feel empathy for. I’m a little messy, I think that shows in what I do, but I’m still looking for my style”.

Packed with energetic drawings of characters in dynamic poses, his personal portfolio uses confident line work and a kaleidoscope of vivid colours in a refreshing way. His illustrations Stepping into the Weekend, Waiting for the Bus and High Jump particularly stand out for their use of texture and pattern, and how these convey personality. Similarly his coloured pencil line drawings and his series of totem-pole-like towers of objects show the diversity in his work.

A recent project for the Bass Awards exemplifies his approach to simplicity, comprising a motley crew of bug-eyed, abstract shapes that are lovable despite their few features. “At that time I was playing a lot with these weird, funny little characters, so that developed into a bunch of friends gathering in an abstract space,” explains Sebastian. “I always like to start from personal projects.” This was made with animator Dante Zaballa.

Next, he’s working with animator Romain Loubesanes on a project he “can’t wait” to show. “Overall I look to collaborate with talented people. Projects like this give me enormous happiness.”


Sebastian Curi: High Jump


Sebastian Curi


Sebastian Curi: Supermarket


Sebastian Curi: Stepping into the Weekend


Sebastian Curi


Sebastian Curi


Sebastian Curi


Sebastian Curi: Waiting for the Bus


Sebastian Curi: Bass Awards


Sebastian Curi


Sebastian Curi: Bass Awards


Sebastian Curi: Bass Awards