Sergio Membrillas (crop)

Work / Illustration

New music posters and fantastic editorial work from Spanish illustrator Sergio Membrillas

Sergio’s back, and he’s as good as ever. With new tour posters for the likes of Mac DeMarco and Future Islands and a bundle of personal work, we decided to whack him and his pointy-nosed people up on the site once again. Retro and somehow futuristic at the same time, his prints steer clear of twee although smiley, bouncy-haired characters abound. Their massive forearms and John Lennon glasses say “I’m clever and I work hard” in a way reminiscent of early communist posters, mixed with a touch of The New Yorker; what a brilliant combination. I love Summer, a print of a sunbather on a beach gazing into a snow globe. It might not have occurred to Spanish Sergio, but to me this seems like a brilliantly British reaction to too much sun.


Sergio Membrillas: Summer


Sergio Membrillas: Leipzig


Sergio Membrillas: Mac DeMarco


Sergio Membrillas: Death Metal English


Sergio Membrillas: Z


Sergio Membrillas: Future Islands


Sergio Membrillas: R. Stevie Moore