Shaz Madani: Elephant Magazine

Work / Graphic Design

From intelligent window displays to irresistible flyers, Shaz Madani designs future classics

A few years back, whenever I was in Topshop I used to take one of their “Students get 10% off” cards, not for the patronising (but welcome) discount, but because I could not resist the very sweet, candy-cloured design of the flyer. So when the portfolio of Shaz Madani came through to us yesterday you can only imagine my glee to find the image of that little flyer tucked in a corner of her website.

This sort of pleasant surprise crops up throughout Shaz’s work, where around many corners you can find beautifully designed pieces that you’ve always admired but never knew who was responsible for. A good example of this is issue four of the ever-brilliant Elephant magazine to which Shaz contributed her design and art direction skills, and of course the magnificent Wellcome Trust window display which was one of the most perfectly executed and informed window displays London has ever seen. Throughout her work, Shaz has the enviable ability to take a huge range of briefs and attack them with a kind of humble grace and classic design knowledge that is increasingly hard to come by.


Shaz Madani: Elephant Magazine


Shaz Madani: Elephant Magazine


Shaz Madani: The W Project, Words of Wisdom


Shaz Madani: Wellcome Trust Window Installation


Shaz Madani: Wellcome Trust Window Installation


Shaz Madani: Topshop Student Flyers


Shaz Madani: No.Zine, with Patrick Fry