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How studying design abroad can offer a fresh perspective

If you’ve ever found yourself in a creative slump, you’ll know how important a change of scene is: a walk around the park, a stroll through the city or a trip to the pub. Imagine then, the difference a journey to a new, iconic city would make on enhancing and developing your artistic outlook. 

At Shillington, studying design abroad is made easier in that it’s a global educational institution that has campuses in London, Manchester, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and New York. “I found that the climate and environment had a huge impact on my creative process – being surrounded by such foreign landscapes and wildlife was incredibly inspiring,” says Ana Petre, a former student who left Vancouver for a three-month course in Brisbane. This experience doesn’t just offer a change of scenery. With it comes exciting opportunities for fresh inspiration, original ideas and new colleagues, transforming its students into cosmopolitan, world-savvy professionals.  

Shillington’s study abroad visa options combine skills-building with adventure. Students are able to expand their networks by day and explore their new environments by night. Carolina Reis, who moved from Lisbon to London, explains: “I would not even know where to begin with these projects, had it not been for this course. It gives you not only the technical side, but also the concept development process, and the confidence to present that to a client in a professional way.” By the end, students have the skills to measure up to new professional challenges as well as develop an accomplished graphic design portfolio that can take them anywhere.
 "I see graphic design as a universal tool for communication and definitely a globally applicable skill,” former Shillington student Nick Jacobs says.

By charging local prices, the programme offers affordable opportunities to study in these inspiring places alongside easy-to-issue visas for its short-length courses. Carolina says she had “zero bureaucracy to take care of.” With such a straightforward, cost-friendly programme, there are few excuses to stay put. In the words of Silja Ava, a former student who moved from Estonia to Sydney: “Living and studying outside of your home country is something that should be compulsory for all young people. Trying to adjust yourself in a new environment and culture is massively character building.”

The course has also fostered long-lasting bonds between students. The international group, #Shillumni, includes over five thousand alumni from more than sixty countries since 2016. “Our class had such a solid group of people from all over (including Australia) – we all got to know each other very well and became close by the end of our programme. To this day some of us keep in touch on a regular basis through social media. We bounce ideas around for various projects we’re working on individually, share an unhealthy amount of memes, and discuss other top secret topics I will not disclose,” says Ana. Like all good schools, Shillington isn’t only about education but also about the networks and the friendships that will support and sustain its students for a lifetime.

Easy and fun, studying abroad with Shillington offers a variety of transferrable skills as well being a global passport to new personal and professional opportunities.




Shillington student work by Nick Jacobs


Shillington student work by Cecily Maude




Shillington student work by Alana Potts


Shillington student work by Caitlin Clancy




Shillington student work by Derk van der Woude


Shillington student work by Oliver Friedfeld




Shillington student work by Nicole Dalporto


Shillington student work by Seb Narwal