Shinichi Maruyama: Nude #8

Work / Photography

Shinichi Maruyama’s nudes focus on the motion of life

There are plenty of photographers out there throwing liquids all over their studios to capture what the eye cannot see in timely detail, and Japanese photographer Shinichi Maruyama is very well known for his elegant fluid photography. However, his latest project Nudes breaks from his usual output, tracing instead the fluidity of the human body, capturing it’s elegant, stroking movements which over a given time produce a visual effect that almost appears sculptural without losing the element of motion.

The subject nudes flow across the space in a variety of ways to create the abstract shapes of expression, all the while maintaining the individuality of the human body in a way that many nude projects haven’t. Far too often, nude photography projects only express the uniformity of flesh for viewing, falling short of any artistic direction that moves beyond the initial realisation of nudity within the viewer. Not so with Shinichi’s project which concentrates our focus solely on those wonderful, joyful and unique human attributes — The expression of emotion through individual motion.


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