Shit Girls Say: The Book

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“I’m excited to wear layers again!” — The return of Shit Girls Say…in book form!

“Can I put this in your pocket?…You have really nice handwriting…Can you pass me that blanket?…Can I steal one of your fries?” These are just a few quotes taken from the 800 or so Tweets compiled by Kyle Humphries and Graydon Sheppard under the Twitter handle Shit Girls Say.

Today, over a year and 1.5million followers later, Kyle and Graydon have made a world-famous video (starring Juliette Lewis) and now a book of undeniably hilarious girl-isms. If you are a girl, ever known a girl, or have ever heard a girl speaking on her phone, there’s a good chance you may find this as witty and “Oh my god that’s so true!” as the rest of the world. Could this book be the perfect Christmas present? Perhaps. Pick up a copy at good old KK Outlet where they are also currently displaying an accompanying exhibition.


Shit Girls Say: I don’t sound like that, do I?"


Shit Girls Say: These are happy tears!


Shit Girls Say: “I can’t I have to get stuff done today”


Shit Girls Say: “I Hate The Word Moist”