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Nick Knight interviews famous models about working with artists and photographers

Considering Kate Moss’ notorious silence throughout her career, it’s exciting to hear her actually spill the beans on what it was like to be photographed on Camber Sands beach with Corinne Day, or be painted by Lucian Freud. Similarly it’s equally thrilling to hear Lily Cole speak of being photographed by Terry Richardson underwater for the 2012 Pirelli Calendar.

The Subjective series released by SHOWstudio holds intimate video interviews with some of the world’s most famous muses, having a nice chat with Nick Knight about how posing made them feel, and the small, delightful details of things that happened on the day the work was created. One thing that’s so interesting is the way all the models are still in such disbelief that a collaboration with an artist or photographer has had such an impact on the world, and has more often than not entirely kickstarted their career. Well worth a watch.