Siggi Eggertsson: Channeling (detail)

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Art: Siggi Eggertsson’s signature style re-imagined through his iPad series Channeling

One of the most-publicised aspects of last year’s brilliant David Hockney show at London’s Royal Academy was the inclusion of a series of landscapes he produced on his iPad. In reality it should have come as no surprise that Hockney – an inveterate experimenter with different media – produced work on his tablet, but it’s not just old-school painters who are discovering the artistic potential provided by Apple.

Longtime It’s Nice That favourite Siggi Eggertsson admits that 10 years of making work almost solely on computer affected his creative process . “I lost interest in drawing freely with my hands, drawing on a computer somehow felt more natural to me,” he says. “Then I bought an iPad and was looking for ways to make it useful. I started fooling around with a drawing program and a stylus, and it was surprisingly fun. The outcome is Channeling, a series featuring portraits, landscapes, animals, abstract images, typography and all sorts of things that I like.”

It was shown in Spain towards the end of last year but we’ve only just come across Siggi’s iPad work, and it’s safe to say we were bowled over. As with Hockney, it’s interesting to see a creative whose style we are familiar with reinterpreted through this “new” technological tool. Great stuff Siggi!


Siggi Eggertsson: Foss


Siggi Eggertsson: Hvammur


Siggi Eggertsson: Containers


Siggi Eggertsson: Hipnotize


Siggi Eggertsson: Past


Siggi Eggertsson: Transfrog


Siggi Eggertsson: Crying Man


Siggi Eggertsson: Left


Siggi Eggertsson: Fuck