Simon Casson: The Great Daedala

Work / Art

Painter Simon Casson takes the collage back a few centuries

No we aren’t showing you paintings taken from The National Gallery, these are by British painter Simon Casson. At first you notice the incredible talent this guy has and how they could be easily passed off as Renaissance or baroque classics, with a twist of course. I love the mix of formal and haphazard paint strokes, mixed together to create a collage-type effect. He drags paint across the eyes of the bourgeois or incorporates what look like different paintings almost randomly but somehow it works. These really are pretty amazing and we’ve seen nothing like it.


Simon Casson: Lupercalia, Ilia and Mars II


Simon Casson: Untitled


Simon Casson: Drashel


Simon Casson: Untitled


Simon Casson: Vur – Vore