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Gather round folks and meet your new-look It’s Nice That website

“Turn and face the strange” – that’s how David Bowie advised we all deal with ch-ch-ch-changes and we think, as ever, Brixton’s favourite son was spot-on. It’s been more than two years since we last changed up and we felt the time was ripe for a refresh. The main change sees us move away from the content grid on the homepage back to a linear, blog-style format, a lay-out with which those of you familiar with our earliest iterations will be familiar. Hopefully this makes it slightly easier to browse the articles and work out what you’ve already seen on the site.

We’ve also stripped out our Regulars – posts like Bookshelf, Opinion, the podcast as well as announcements about our own products and events – to give them a longer lifespan on the homepage and to clarify the distinction between work we’re curating and content we’ve had a hand in creating. You’ll find the regulars on the right-hand side of the homepage as you look.

There’s a few other tweaks as well; Best of The Web has moved to the bottom right-hand side of the homepage, and a new navigation bar at the top helps you find our other sites in a more straightforward way. Also check out the new search function by clicking on the magnifying glass in the top right-hand corner; we’re pretty proud of it.

There are a few more changes on the way including some plans for mobile and as ever we welcome any feedback on the changes; you can email us [email protected] or Tweet us over on that there Twitter with your thoughts. Thanks of course to our wonderful developers With Associates and here’s to the newest version of It’s Nice That!


The new-look homepage (in browser)


The blog style curation is back on the homepage


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