Czajkowski: The Next Morning

Work / Art

Meet the curious creatures of Wroclaw’s own Slawek Czajkowski

We’re not able to give you much background history for Wroclaw’s Slawek Czajkowski, but who needs the finer details when you’ve got copulating aliens, Satanic voyeurs and entire epic tales to distract you? Czaijkowski is in an element of his own when it comes to filling a canvas with one-frame narratives featuring characters you’d be more likely to find in some of the weirder episodes of The X Files.

It appears that Slawek is also quite the street artist, with a collection of enormous and impressive murals showcasing his very natural, yet peculiar ability with a paintbrush; all of which can be found on his Flickr page. Hear this Czajkowski, you can criminally damage the exterior of my home any day.


Slawek Czajkowski: EuroInvaders


Slawek Czajkowski: Coming Out


Slawek Czajkowski: The Real Problem