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Music: Disabled fans create club track using brainwaves in Smirnoff Mindtunes

We throw superlatives around on this site like lovely word confetti but believe us when we say This. Is. INCREDIBLE. Smirnoff has teamed up with DJ Fresh for a world first which sees three disabled dance music fans create a club track using their minds. I know! Smirnoff and DJ Fresh worked with Julien Castet, one of the world’s leading brainwave technology experts, who devised software which transformed the musicians emotions into brainwaves and brainwaves into soundwaves to create music.

The video is amazing as you watch the switches and dials moving of their own accord and get to see the trio enjoying the fruits of their labours in a club setting. DJ Fresh said: "Ever since I was a little boy I’ve loved technology and always wanted to work with something cutting edge. What a privilege to be given the opportunity to do just that and collaborate with some truly inspirational people.

“The power of the brain and this brainwave technology is amazing –it just goes to show what people have the power to create if they’re given the platform to do so.”

Smirnoff Mindtunes was supported by Queen Elizabeth’s Foundation for Disabled People, who will receive the proceeds from sales of the tune (available through iTunes).


Smirnoff Mindtunes (still)


Smirnoff Mindtunes (still)


Smirnoff Mindtunes (still)


Smirnoff Mindtunes (still)


This article was produced in association with Smirnoff.