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Sophie Green captures the dents and scratches of banger racing

Sophie Green has captured banger cars after spending a night on the track. “Dented Pride is a series of banger and stock car surface abstractions,” says Sophie. The series was shot in conjunction with another project of Sophie’s called Bangers & Smash and both focus on the racing subculture that comes with the madcap hobby.

“On first glance the beauty within this eccentric community isn’t obvious – builder’s bottoms, oil-stained tracksuits and car constructs barely recognisable as the vehicle they once were,” explains the photographer. “I looked below the surface, there is so much beauty to be found within this cultural phenomenon, not only in the human spirit of the sport’s participants but also the physical fabric of the sport.”

The series has been art directed by LAW magazine and Ditto Press, and the collaboration has led to Sophie has honing in on the details of the cars used for racing, more specifically the state of them post-race. “While shooting I became totally obsessed with the textured, scraped and scratched surfaces of the car exteriors,” she says. “The cars are covered in funny and charming slogans including nicknames and messages to girlfriends, and each car forms a unique work of art in its own individualistic way.”

Lurid colours pop in Sophie’s images, as jazzy typography and garish designs is stretched over bonnets and car doors. “The crop of these abstractions allows you to appreciate every little detail of wear and tear the car experiences,” says Sophie. “_Dented Pride_ celebrates the idiosyncratic beauty within this colourful aspect of British culture.”

Dented Pride will be on show at Ditto Press Gallery from tonight (Thursday 24 November).


Sophie Green: Dented Pride


Sophie Green: Dented Pride


Sophie Green: Dented Pride


Sophie Green: Dented Pride


Sophie Green: Dented Pride


Sophie Green: Dented Pride