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Bompas & Parr explores the strange world of sploshing (NSFW)

“When we started Bompas & Parr one of the first calls we got was an inquiry about whether we catered for splosh parties. Innocently we looked online to see what this might involve – to find a seamy scene were folks get turned on by sitting in puddles of baked beans. At the time we declined,” explains Sam Bompas, co-founder of Bompas & Parr.

Nine years later, flavour-based experience designers Bompas & Parr has collaborated with fashion photographer Jo Duck to create Cake Holes, a grotesque but compelling photo series and a short, directed by Nathan Ceddia, about the practice of sploshing. “On the day none of our regular friends, lovers and collaborators wanted to participate as models… so we just put an open call out on Instagram and saw who turned up,” says Sam. “A surprisingly large number of people want to spend their Saturday afternoons sitting on cakes and jellies.”

The series captures bellies and butts being dropped onto an assortment of deserts, each delicacy chosen by the models for their image. Bompas & Parr then got each person to fill out a questionnaire about “their favourite dishes to how they would solve the greatest challenges to humanity today!”

Enjoy your lunch.


Bompas & Parr and Jo Duck: Cake Holes


Bompas & Parr and Jo Duck: Cake Holes


Bompas & Parr and Jo Duck: Cake Holes


Bompas & Parr and Jo Duck: Cake Holes


Bompas & Parr and Jo Duck: Cake Holes


Bompass and Parr and Jo Duck: Cake Holes


Bompas & Parr and Jo Duck: Cake Holes