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Spotify unveil long-awaited new iPad app with a clever promo video

There’s a tendency when you work in a particular industry to resort to an odd sort of hyperbole over certain issues – so almost universally news of Spotify’s new iPad app has been reported in terms of “finally it’s here” as though we were on the verge of civil breakdown unless the general populace’s demands for such an app were sated. Nevertheless it is big news if you a) have an iPad and b)like Spotify in which case you’ll likely be cock-a-hoop at the news.

It’s a smart looking thing with the bigger screen used to show off album artwork and the like and a functionality that appears at first look to combine ease and aesthetics. This promo video has been created to introduce the new app and it’s a belter (although perhaps a risky marketing strategy given web users’ famed short attention span?).