Steph Davidson: California Chrome

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Nuts internet art and editorial illustration from Steph Davidson

There was a time when we at It’s Nice That were inundated with internet art – we were having so much submitted to us on a daily basis that it was pouring out of our ears in waxy gifs. It’s pleasing to be faced with it again, a year or two after the craze has kind of died out, when it’s created by someone who actually has a passion and an eye for this stuff and isn’t just jumping on a weird bandwagon.

New York-based Steph’s work is a bunch of jpeg collages, scroll-heavy sites and precise illustration made with confident line and filled in on Photoshop with appealing pastel shades. She’s not just one of those people that sits indoors photoshopping spaghetti bolognese on to reindeer’s heads (well, she does do that a little bit) – Steph actually churns out work for publications such as Bloomberg Businessweek and the like. For people like that to want to commission this kind of work is truly refreshing, and bodes well for the future.


Steph Davidson: Collage


Steph Davidson: Collage


Steph Davidson: Collage


Steph Davidson: Collage


Steph Davidson: Collage


Steph Davidson: Collage


Steph Davidson: Content Aware Fill Ugly Shoes


Steph Davidson: Superhero movie illustration for Bloomberg Businessweek’s Year Ahead issue