Work / Illustration

From Dazed to Interview, hand-painted covers of your favourite magazines

Melbourne-based Stephen Baker only recently started painting directly on to the covers of fashion magazines. “It’s become quite routine to head out of the studio, purchase a new magazine to use as my canvas and finish a piece all in one day,” he says. With his bold lines, soft palette and resolutely geometric style, using magazines in this way has for Stephen grown naturally out of time spent painting the female form. Past endeavours have also included painting skateboard decks making the new series a natural progression of his previous work, and one that Stephen says may lead to collage in the future. Here, the covers of Dazed, Vogue, Interview and a handful of others have all been reduced to a series of abstract, pastel shapes, and the pairing of the cover stock gloss and paint creates an interesting mix of textures.


Stephen Baker: AnOther


Stephen Baker: Kinfolk


Stephen Baker: 032c


Stephen Baker: Hunger


Stephen Baker: Vogue Italia


Stephen Baker: Harper’s Bazaar Australia


Stephen Baker: Champ


Stephen Baker: Yen