Steve Harries: Gymnast: in Motion

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Steve Harries produces an extraordinary mirrored trampolining short

There’s a lot of big events to look forward to this summer (two of them have even been combined into grating new portmanteau “Jubilympics” by some sections of the media) but for my money it’s all about the trampolining World Cup series in Taiyuan City this weekend. What’s that? never heard of it? Ok well neither had I but I have now thanks to this quite astonishing short film from Steve Harries premiered over on Nowness this morning. Five professional trampoliners performing up to 7.5 metres in the air were shot from above against a bank of six mirrors. The result as you will see are exquisite, a beguiling, beautiful study of power, grace and movement. Outstanding.

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Steve Harries: Gymnast: in Motion


Steve Harries: Gymnast: in Motion