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Great new work and super-sweet Nieves catalogue for Steven Harrington’s new LA show

Modern life can be fairly exhausting. There’s Twitter to update and global warming to worry about and delicious crushed-ice coffee concoctions to consume.The idea of achieving some kind of harmony can seem like faint, quaint idealism frustrated by the frantic hurly-burly of 21st Century living.

Luckily LA-based psychedelic-pop artist Steven Harrington is exploring the idea of equilibrium in his new show InsideOut, his first in his hometown since 2009. His new paintings, prints, drawings and sculptures aim to reveal something of the artist’s intuitive process but they also encapsulate the wider problems of keeping things together.

The drawings in particular are really special, large totemic pieces featuring arrows, ceramics and shifty-eyed pineapples, teetering in precarious positions and occasionally toppled over. The Nieves-designed catalogue is also a beautiful object in its own right with form and content working together to convey Steven’s talents and there’s a superb promo poster that pretty much everyone in the INT studio had their eye on…

InsideOut is at the Known Gallery from August 18 until September 1.


Steven Harrington: Remain in Balance (Nieves)


Steven Harrington: Remain in Balance (Nieves)


Steven Harrington: Remain in Balance (Nieves)


Steven Harrington: Remain in Balance (Nieves)


Steven Harrington: Remain in Balance (Nieves)


Steven Harrington: InsideOut poster