Work / Illustration

Stina Löfgren’s instructional illustrations for practical lunges

Illustrator and designer Stina Löfgren’s series of instructional drawings for the Swedish Municipal Workers Union, Kommunal illustrates the heavy lifting involved when working as a nurse. In a series of gifs Stina conveys the correct actions for “brutal grocery step-ups,” “extreme sheet pulling” and “deep squat assistance,” amongst other informative bends. Her precise line-work allows the details of the communication to be portrayed through the character’s actions, and as well as their instructional value, each gif has a nice dose of humour to it through the maintained blank expression and awkward repetitive steps.
Stina has illustrated for The New York Times Book Review , Form Magazine , Lobby and the craft magazine Hemslöjd as well as exhibiting her personal practice.


Stina Löfgren: Brutal Grocery Step-up


Stina Löfgren: Heavy Rapid Walking


Stina Löfgren: Extreme Sheet Pulling


Stina Löfgren: Intense Wheelchair Pushing