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Student of the Month: Call for Submissions

Just two weeks to get your submissions in for March’s Student of the Month. As an incentive, past students have informed us of the inordinate wealth and praise heaped onto them, as well as experiencing a zen-like forbearance of all university trials since being featured. As always, the SOTM feature is open to anyone still in education in any country, studying any discipline. Please take a moment to check out the requirements first but we look forward to hearing from you!

Here’s a reminder of what we need from you…

What to submit

You can submit up to two projects a month and these should be what you consider to be your finest work to date. So if it’s a project you made in your first year and you’re now in your second, that’s great, but please remember – you must still be in education to qualify. We’re also open to submissions from students of any discipline, so those of you who aren’t studying at art school, this means you.

Text + Links


– your full name

– full course title

– place of study

– what year you’re currently in

Next, send through a paragraph (of no more then 150 words) about you, your project, and when the work was made (we’ll be back in touch for more information if you are selected.) And, of course, a web link: blog, flickr, tumblr, website – all good.


If you’re submitting a video/moving image piece, please include a link to YouTube or Vimeo.


- Maximum of three images per project, at a maximum of 705 pixels wide.
- Include them as attachments to an email and not as a zip or pdf.

Where to submit

In the subject line of your email, please include the title “Student of the Month” and send it to [email protected]