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Hello pod listeners! We don’t know how many there are of you, potentially a dwindling amount, but hello to those of you that do listen – we love you very much. This week it’s Liv Siddall in the host-throne, with her lovely minions Maisie Skidmore, James Cartwright and Rob Alderson. Ready? Let’s go. As ever listen using the SoundCloud embed below or subscribe via iTunes here.


Paddy Power’s rainforest stunt

First up we discussed the controversial stunt pulled by the mischievous lads at Paddy Power, then we went on to chat about Marina Abramovic’s fascinating new immersive show at the Serpentine Gallery. After the ever-so-catchy jingle we returned to lament the death of Spot the Dog creator Eric Hill, and delve into the pages of the new issue of Printed Pages_magazine. Exciting! See you next week!


Spot the Dog by Eric Hill