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Hospital art, pseudonyms and the best jokes ever in this week’s podcast

Oi! Listen up! This week it’s Liv Siddall in the hosting throne, with Rob Alderson, James Cartwright and the new voice of our editorial assistant Amy Lewin to brighten up your week. Fancy hearing Rob and James have a spat over art critic Jonathan Jones? Choose your side and keep tuned in for the second half folks. You can listen via the SoundCloud below or subscribe via iTunes over here.

This week we kicked off the pod by asking each guest to tell their favourite joke. James said his was too long to tell everyone, which is probably for the best. We then moved quickly on to talking about last week’s Edinburgh Fringe festival and whether the tradition of “best joke” award is perhaps not quite working. Amy then chatted about the art of the pseudonym and which artists choose to change name to keep themselves hidden. You can check out a really eye-opening list of pseudonyms over here on the good ship Wikipedia.


Tim Vine photographed by Ian Harrison for The Times

In the second half of the podcast the debate got heated as we discussed Jonathan Jones’ piece in The Guardian that asked “Should hospital art be jolly – or should it portray the truth about pain?” Where do you stand on this argument? As always, feel free to leave your comments below.


Jonathan Jones for the Guardian: Should hospital art be jolly – or should it portray the truth about pain?