Studio Audience: This week with Banksy, Grayson Perry and magazine chat

18 October 2013

I don’t really know how to introduce this week’s instalment of art and design chat other than to inform you that, alongside some handsome graphic design, a dose of undiluted Grayson Perry and a round-up of The Modern Magazine Conference, this week our merciless editor-in-chief had us broaching the most difficult subject discussed in all Studio Audience history. Cheers Rob. Onwards into the awkwardness!

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Marian Bantjes: Pretty Pictures

In the first section we discussed Marian Bantjes’ beautiful new monograph, questioned whether Banksy’s sale of original work in New York for £30 a piece is a brilliant piece of satire or falls flat on its face, and Leigh Ledare who, yeah, photographed his mum having sex. (Feeling weird? Because I can assure you it’s not as weird as we did.)




Leigh Ledare: Now Pretend You’re Actually Alive


The Modern Magazine

In section two we chatted about the first instalment of Grayson Perry’s Reith Lectures, entitled Democracy Has Bad Taste, and Rob Alderson told us all about Mag Culture’s one day conference about The Modern Magazine and the nuggets of wisdom modern media’s key players had to bestow.


Grayson Perry

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You can subscribe via iTunes here or listen via the SoundCloud link above.

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