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Studio Audience: A lot of toilet humour and some art thrown in for good measure in this week’s podcast

There’s a poem often read out at weddings by A.A Milne that starts “where there’s me, there’s poo.” I feel that even though I dislike that poem, it does ring true to my life in that every time I host the pod we end up talking about toilets for at least five minutes. This week is no exception, we hear about toilets, James’ trip to Iceland and some exciting art and design news. As ever listen using the SoundCloud embed below or subscribe via iTunes here.


Katharina Grosse: Psycholustro

We kicked off this week talking about Katharina Grosse’s incredible new installation running along the Amtrak line from Philadelphia and New York to be seen by 34,000 commuters a day. We then chatted about the late, great Louise Wilson whose firm tutoring at Central St Martin’s inspired some of the greatest fashion designers known today. After a swift break we chatted about the ambitious Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared Kickstarter and a robot that tweets art criticism that’s potentially going to steal our jobs. Nice!