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Pod talks ELCAF, Here 2014 and the upcoming Bjork show

Another week, another slightly delayed podcast. We think it’s worth the wait (as we would) and we promise to tighten up and do better from now on in providing your aural art and design treats on a Thursday again. But cast aside your judgements for a second and enjoy a slightly elongated pod in which we learn a little, laugh a lot and live life to the full (ok not the last one). As ever you can listen on the SoundCloud embed below or subscribe via iTunes here.


Chris Ware’s ELCAF poster

We kicked off this week talking about the ELCAF comics festival and its guest star Chris Ware before looking ahead to the just-announced Bjork retrospective at New York’s MOMA next year. We then reflected on our Here creative symposium held last week and ended up exploring the return of Danger Mouse.


Bjork’s retrospective comes to the MOMA in March next year


Christoph Niemann at Here 2014