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A brand new episode of our weirdly good podcast, Studio Audience

Welcome! Welcome to the podcast we make weekly for your enjoyment. Yep, we put our blood sweat and tears into sitting around and chewing the fat so that you can just listen to us while you sit on the train and be totally “in the know” about all things art and design. We don’t just talk about art and design actually, we sometimes cover British folklore or, more commonly, how James used to be a goth.

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“Meadham Kirchhoff open casting call for SS15” via Dazed Digital

This week we started by debating the rumours of London Fashion Week gradually opening its doors to the baying public. Designers Meadham Kirchoff have announced an open casting call for their Spring/Summer 2015 show, and this article over on i-D argues that anyone should be allowed to go. What do you think?

We then chatted about the very well-designed and exciting new Wired.co.uk which launched this week. We chatted to editor Nate Lanxon about the project which you can read over here. If you want to see the brand spanking new website then you can just go over here.


Printed Pages Autumn 2014

After the break James led us into talk about the brand new issue of Printed Pages which is available very soon. We all agree it’s our favourite cover so far, and the content is pretty swish as well. In this issue we have Teal Triggs, Olafur Eliasson, Simon Hanselmann, Mike Perry and many, many more. Read a bit more about that over here and then go and buy one on Tuesday so you don’t look behind the times when everyone else has one. Got it?