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19 September 2014
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Suited and booted we come to you for this week’s Studio Audience, dressed, as Maisie points out, like an awkward family waiting to go to a wedding. (It was our AGM you see, AKA Annual Dress Up For Work Day.) Don’t worry though, we’re our usual barmy selves despite the posh frocks, talking about our bread and butter, art and design. You can listen using the SoundCloud embed below or you can subscribe via iTunes here.


Barber Osgerby

For starters, we discuss Burning Man, an event shrouded in mystery where photographs are forbidden, and other care-free festivals riddled with rules. What ever happened to the 1960s spirit of freedom?

Next up, Rob reports on the Barber Osgerby installation at the V&A’s Raphael Cartoons Gallery; a giant swinging structure which threatens to chop off a terribly tall person’s head. We muse on how such a physical experience can transform a traditional space, and wonder just how much cooler this design duo can possibly get. Hurry along this weekend: it closes on Sunday!


Bronia Stewart: Pepe

Back in your ear drums, photographer Bronia Stewart’s latest photo book is on the table for discussion. Best known for her Babestation series, she’s now ventured to Mexico to document the life of gang members on the outskirts of the city in Pepe.

To end on a terribly serious note, we look to a city in China which has created a cellphone lane. Think cycling lane, then replace speedy commuters on two wheels with businessmen, teenagers and tourists absorbed in their smart phones, oblivious to the happenings around them. Is pedestrian segregation the future?

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