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The pod talks magazine design, Tate Modern turning 15 and posh toilets

Ready your ears, engage your brains and assume the brace position – the new episode of Studio Audience is right here. In it we discuss Tate Modern turning 15, Assemble’s inclusion on the Turner Prize shortlist, Jeremy Deller’s Venice jukebox and a new show for the world’s best art forger. We also discuss Cass Bird shooting in the Met Gala toilets and the Design Museum’s Camper show.

In the second section we talk balancing content and design in print, touching on the new-look Esquire, our very own Printed Pages and the excellent new Sleek magazine.

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Assemble: Yardhouse


Jeremy Deller: Factory Records


Cass Bird: Met Gala Toilets for Vogue


Life on Foot: Camper at the Design Museum. Photograph by Jill Tate


Printed Pages SS15


The new-look Esqiure