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Studio Audience: The pod this week looks at Sochi, Designs of the Year and Gondry

Yep. That’s right, Liv bloody Siddall has taken the reins of the podcast, leading Maisie Skidmore and James Cartwright off into the night like “a drunk, blind captain of a ship.” Rob Alderson’s off this week, and so like the kid’s table at a wedding we were left to fend for ourselves. The results weren’t actually that bad, and we managed to have intelligent discussions about art and design news.

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Rami Niemi: Art Directors Club

First up James Cartwright told us about his favourite picks from the graphic design category of the Designs of the Year 2014, including some illustration work by Rami Niemi and Chris Ware. You can see the nominations and pick your own favourites (floating school, anyone?) over here on the Design Museum site. Next we chatted about the hoo-ha surrounding the Sochi winter Olympics and the “good luck” videos that have been challenging Russia’s views on gay athletes. From Channel 4’s Gay Mountain video to the Canadian Institute of Diversity and Inclusion luge advert that claims “The Winter Olympics Games have always been a little bit gay.”

As we rolled seamlessly (ahem) into the second section we discussed Michel Gondry’s outstanding new video for Metronomy’s new single Love Letters and gushed about where he fits into the music video climate of today, and of course how much we love him and always will. See you next week, listeners!