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Hello! Welcome to this week’s episode of Studio Audience. Completely unintentionally, we managed to get three mentions of faeces into this 28-minute beaut, so apologies and watch out. Alongside that, we also chatted about some truly inspirational and intriguing things happening in the world of art and design this week. Your host was Liv Siddall, and the guests were James Cartwright and Maisie Skidmore with the added special guest, Jamie McIntyre of INT Works.

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James Murphy. Image taken from Dazed Digital.

We kicked off this week’s audio-fest with a chat about James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem fame and his plan to change the NYC subway ticket barriers into musical instruments, then moved on to lamenting the shelving (ha ha ha) of one of IKEA’s best-loved products, the trusty Expedit. Have you got one in your home? Are you upset? Is this even news? Leave your comments below.

After the catchy jingle we rejoined to talk about "Charlie Clift’s voyage to Somerset to photograph those helping with the flood relief in some of the worst-hit parts of the UK. We discussed whether a photographer should be doing this kind of thing, how you’d feel if you were a flood victim, and other examples of this kind of project including the controversial Save the Children birth video.We then asked designer Jamie McIntyre to tell us what’s so brilliant about the new Dazed redesign.


Charlie Clift: Faces of the Flood – FLAG volunteers Aaron and Jay transport a trapped Environment Agency van over the flood waters on a floating pontoon.


Scarlett Johansson on the cover of the new Dazed magazine